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Our dental practice specializes in providing dental fillings in Woburn, MA, that will provide you with lasting comfort and relief. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or to repair a cavity, we’ve got the perfect solution for your needs.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a type of restorative dentistry that is used to repair areas of a tooth that have been damaged due to tooth decay, trauma, or wear and tear. This dental procedure can also be used for cosmetic purposes, helping to improve the appearance of your smile.

Composite Fillings vs. Amalgam Fillings

When it comes to tooth fillings, there are two main types available: composite fillings and silver amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and glass ionomers that are bonded together with a resin material. They provide a natural-looking, strong, durable filling that can match your existing teeth. Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, are made from a combination of metals such as silver, tin, and copper. They are strong and long-lasting but can be visible when you smile.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

Fillings provide numerous benefits to your oral health, including:

The Dental Filling Procedure

Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA

1. Tooth Preparation

During this step, any decay or damaged areas of your tooth will be removed and cleaned. Our dentist will then sculpt the area to make sure that it fits perfectly with the filling material. This step also helps ensure that the filling will be secure and long-lasting. Once the tooth has been prepared, our dentist will apply a bonding agent to the area.
Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA

2. Placement of the Filling

Our dentist will then place the filling material into the prepared area, shaping it so that it fits perfectly with your existing tooth structure. Once the filling is in place, our dentist will ensure that it is secure and properly sealed.
Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA

3. Finishing Touches

The final step of the procedure involves smoothing and polishing the filling to ensure a natural-looking result. If you opt for a composite resin filling, our dentist will also match it to the color of your natural teeth.

Aftercare Tips

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your new fillings maintain their natural appearance and last for many years. Here are a few tips for proper filling aftercare:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits: After having a filling treatment, it’s important to brush twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Flossing is also essential for removing food particles and other debris that may be stuck between the teeth.
  • Avoid hard foods: Hard or crunchy foods can damage or dislodge fillings, so it’s best to avoid them.
  • Visit our dentist regularly: Regular check-ups and professional cleanings are essential for keeping your teeth and fillings healthy.

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At our practice, we understand the importance of maintaining your oral health. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality dental care and helping you achieve a healthy, confident smile. To learn more about our restorative procedures or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.
Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA
Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA
Dental Fillings in Woburn, MA
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