Dental Technology at Mooney Dental in Woburn, MA

Innovation meets precision at Mooney Dental in Woburn, MA, where we are proud to incorporate the latest advances in dental technology to provide the highest level of oral health care to our patients.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a fundamental part of our dental technology toolkit at our dental practice. This modern approach to dental imaging offers significant advantages over traditional radiographs.

Digital X-rays use a small electronic sensor instead of the traditional X-ray film, capturing detailed images of your mouth that are immediately viewable on a computer screen. This allows us to diagnose issues more accurately and quickly, leading to more efficient treatment planning and less waiting time for you.

One of the significant advantages of digital X-rays is their safety. They emit up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, making them a safer choice for our patients of all ages.


With the revolutionary iTero scanner, we say goodbye to uncomfortable and messy dental impressions. The iTero element scanner captures a highly accurate, 3D digital model of your teeth and gums. The technology helps us plan treatments more effectively and efficiently, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and a more pleasant patient experience.
Dental Technology at Mooney Dental

IntraOral Cameras

At Mooney Dental, seeing is believing. We use advanced IntraOral Cameras to help you see exactly what your dentist sees during your examination. This real-time, high-definition intraoral device provides us with a detailed view of your mouth, allowing us to detect problems earlier and design a personalized treatment plan for you.


CBCT, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography, has revolutionized dental diagnostics, allowing us to obtain 3D imaging of your teeth, soft tissues, and nerve pathways in a single scan. This cutting-edge technology helps us accurately plan surgical procedures, assess bone structure and tooth orientation, and diagnose complex dental issues that might otherwise go undetected.

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

No more waiting days or weeks for your dental crowns. With our CEREC technology, we can design, create, and fit high-quality ceramic crowns in just one visit. The technology uses 3D scanning to capture a precise digital impression of your teeth, which we use to mill your custom crown on-site while you relax in our comfortable, modern office.

Sinsational Bleach Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with Sinsational Bleach Teeth Whitening, a quick and comfortable solution for a brighter, whiter smile. In as little as 20 minutes, this advanced teeth whitening technology can transform your smile, leaving you with noticeably whiter teeth.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Embrace the clear alternative to braces with Invisalign. Using 3D computer imaging technology, we custom design a series of clear, virtually invisible aligners to gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. Experience the confidence of a straighter smile without the discomfort and aesthetic concerns associated with traditional braces.

Vivera Retainers

After perfecting your smile with Invisalign, ensure it stays that way with Vivera retainers. Crafted using the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign, Vivera retainers are custom-made to maintain the alignment of your teeth. They are clear, comfortable, and highly durable.

High-Quality Dental Materials

At our dental office, we believe that the quality of the materials we use directly impacts the outcomes of our dental treatments. This is why we prioritize the use of high-quality dental materials in all of our procedures.

Our fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures are all made from durable, biocompatible materials that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. We source our materials from leading dental manufacturers who prioritize quality and safety in their production processes.

For restorative work, we predominantly use high-grade porcelain, composite resin, and, when necessary, precious metals. These materials ensure longevity, aesthetics, and function for a wide array of dental restorations.

Dental Technology at Mooney Dental

Experience The Latest Up-and-Coming Dental Technology at Mooney Dental

At Mooney Dental, we are dedicated to bringing you the benefits of the latest dental technology, designed to enhance your comfort, accelerate your treatment, and ensure the best results. Book your appointment today and experience the Mooney Dental difference.

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